NewsFolio is a Google Reader client with powerful search features that will save you time and help you follow your favorite topics.
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Automated Search
With NewsFolio, you can define automated, keyword-based searches that check all of the downloaded articles in your subscribed feeds to find the information you're interested in. Using the search results, NewsFolio creates lists of articles that are ready for you to review. As new articles are downloaded, NewsFolio identifies which ones match the searches that you've defined.
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It's like creating your own custom feeds.
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You can also search downloaded articles directly.

NewsFolio's search features save you time and make following your favorite topics and news a snap!
Browse and Read
Easy navigation through article lists and previews.
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NewsFolio is fully accessible with VoiceOver.
Share and Send
NewsFolio integrates with a variety of services. Post to Twitter and Facebook. Send to Evernote, Instapaper and Pocket. Share with email. Send to your favorite service with one tap.
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"NewsFolio gives me the flexibility to organize, navigate and read feeds in the way that suits me. I have control over how I consume news and can quickly and easily make adjustments as desired.
NewsFolio offers the functionality and features that I want and is fully accessible with VoiceOver. My user experience with NewsFolio is not compromised in any way compared to that of a sighted person. It's great not having to sacrifice one to get the other!"

David Goodwin, Editor

"Fast News Reader with Automated search! ★★★★★
This is a fast syncing full featured News Reader app. The real killer unique feature this app has is searching! The ability to very quickly search all your articles by keyword and even create automatic searches by keyword(s) or phrase to compile lists of articles updated with every sync is fantastic! It's a great way to follow topics I'm interested in across all my feeds. Excellent app, well worth the purchase."

Giz42, App Store Review

"Finally a news reader with advanced search!
I have tried numerous iPhone news readers and all have fallen short for one reason: no search! NewsFolio offers the ability to search by keywords or phrases and save searches as if they're dynamic news feeds, aggregating your stories and allowing you to scan through the 1000s of articles (if your list of feeds is anything like mine) that you otherwise never get on top of. …"

GeoKen, App Store Review

"Excellent news reader at last
Needs a google reader account but is so much better than googles own interface. Is also seamless with iOS voiceover for accessibility. I need never look at another rss client."

Adrian Higginbotham, App Store Review